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  • Journey Towards a Living Wage
    A living wage allows a worker to cover the essential needs of their family, with a little extra for “just in case”. The legal minimum wage too often falls far short of this, leaving workers around the world mired in poverty. So what is needed to finally transform workers’ wages? A post by Wilbert Flinterman, the Senior Advisor on Workers’ Rights and Trade Union Relations of Fairtrade International.
    Link: http://www.fairtrade.net/single-view
    © Fairtrade International (April 14, 2014)
  • Fair Wear Foundation “Living Wage Engineering”
    A study by Fair Wear Foundation – with initial observations about the links between outdoor industry brand practices, wages, pricing, and the cost to consumers.
    © 2014 Fair Wear Foundation
    (Englisch, 26 pages, 5 MB)
  • Living Wage Map by Livingwageindicator.org
    The Global Map shows the Living Wages & Minimum Wages for more than 100 Countries. Plus Cost of Living Surveys for 70 countries. The map will be updated every 2 month; last update was Monday, Dec 02, 2013
  • ILO study: “Estimating a living wage: A methodological review” by Richard Anker.
    © 2011 / International Labour Organization
     ILO Studie_Anker_LW_wcms_162117.pdf
    (English, 132 pages, 1,9 MB)
  • “Route Map to an Asia Floor Wage: 10 steps brands and retailers can take toward implementing a minimum living wage“. By Anannya Bhattacharjee & Jeroen Merk, on behalf of the AFW-SC
    © May 2011 – Asian Floor Wage
     AFW brand document march_14_2011.pdf
    (English, 16 pages, 695 KB)
  • “Living Wages. Ermittlung und Einführung existenzsichernder Löhne“. Living Wages. Ermittlung und Einführung existenzsichernder Löhne
    © November 2004 - Runder Tisch Verhaltenskodizes Codes of Conduct
    (German, 55 pages, 680 KB)